Pre-sales FAQ

There’s a million checklisting apps, sites, plugins and whatnots out there… why do I need Chklsty?

Those tools are for making to-do lists (“Before I leave work today, I need to…”). That’s not what Chklsty is about.

Chklsty is for making repeating jobs in business work more smoothly.

Why use Chklsty when I can just use Excel?

Checklists in Excel (or MS Word, or similar) are a great starting point and can work well in some circumstances. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, consider Chklsty.

Purpose-built for checklists
Users, Roles, Checklists admin
Easy to use on mobile phone
Multi-user task completion
Alerts for managers
Workflow visualisations
Audit trails
Easy access-control

Is Chklsty a mobile app, or a website?

Chklsty is a website only, but optimised to work well on mobile phones.

We’ve considered making a dedicated app for iOS and Android, but in our experience some employees are not so comfortable installing work-related apps on their personal phones (but are fine to access work websites on their phones).

What does the admin area look like?

The admin area of Chklsty is spartan but highly functional. There are many admin pages, but here’s the Dashboard.

ABOVE: Checklists Admin page, the main Dashboard for Managers in Chklsty. From here, Checklist Blueprints can be edited.

How much data will Chklsty use on a mobile phone?

Very little.

We estimate under 100Kb to complete a checklist with 40 items. That said, if users are intended to use their personal devices when using Chklsty, we recommend Users connect their personal mobile devices to wifi the business provides, so there’s no usage of employee’s personal mobile data.

What’s the billing cycle?

The billing cycle is monthly, on a calendar month. After the free tier (where Chklsty is free for a certain number of users), we charge per-user, per month in a pro-rate fashion. For example:

In Chklsty, Steve has several free users and several paid users. His business is seasonal, so in busy seasons he adds additional users. In the lead-up to Christmas, he adds three users on November 20, and three more on December 5. On December 27, he no longer needs these users in Chklsty.

Steve is charged a portion of the per-user fee for the last 10 days of November, and a different portion for the 27 days of December for those users – he does not pay for the first 19 days of November, or the last few days of December.

How secure is Chklsty?

Chklsty uses standard HTTPS for all pages, meaning all communications between your browser and our servers is secure with 256bit encryption.

The weakest part of our system is the passwords users select, so we have moderately strict password requirements.

We strongly discourage multiple people using one account, as this can reduce security (and will likely breach the Terms of Use for Chklsty).

How reliable is Chklsty?

Note that an internet connection is required for Chklsty to work – it cannot be used offline.

Chklsty is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is renowned for its reliability (up-time) – 99.9999% (that means, down for a minute a year at most).

We regularly make updates to Chklsty to improve our offering to customers, and we know these can cause reliability problems in some cases. We test thoroughly before releasing changes, and have designed the system to make it simple to “roll back” changes that cause problems.

So far, a Client has never been affected by Chklsty not being available.

Can I have a free trial?

For sure! The first few Chklsty users are free. See our Pricing page for more details.

How do I get started?

An Organisational Representative (OrgRep) signs up for a free account on Chklsty, makes some roles, checklists and users – this takes around 20 minutes to make a meaningful, useful setup.

Then, end Users (your staff) can start using Chklsty!

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